About Us 

Our Mission

We are a collaborative diverse community of people, agencies and organizations whose efforts are to serve our kids in our community for their success through Reading and Relationships! 

Our Vision

The 360 Blueprint program has a vision to specifically target Washoe County public school youth and their families. Our approach is practical; the use of people in our community in a diverse collaboration of agencies, organizations and public school partnerships, supported by law enforcement to effect positive social change in the communities we serve. Washoe County public schools serve as the primary referring vehicle for the delivery of social services to help those in need, by partnering with the community agencies and organizations to address a myriad of complex issues encountered and provide a centralized location for needed resources. 

Our Objectives


Implement Reading and Relationships program component to help the individual needs of at-risk students 


Address the 3rd grade reading initiative (SB 391) and increase reading proficiency.


Promote community involvement through diverse local partnerships  while serving as an additional support in the Washoe County School District.