8th Annual Northeast Reno Community Block Party 

July 28th, 2018 

The community got the opportunity to meet the Reno Police Department Officers and "Soak a Cop" for Charity. This event also featured free live music, food, and fun activities for the entire family! 360 Blueprint joined as part of the Greater New Hope Baptist Church and the City of Reno's efforts to provide community services and education to the residents in Northeast Reno. 

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Annual Family Celebration

June 3rd, 2018 

Each year 360 Blueprint celebrates the efforts and participation of all Students and Volunteers in the program. This year 360 Blueprint held a Family BBQ to celebrate! Mentors, students, and families gathered together at Idlewild Park for food and games. We look forward to community events because they are a great opportunity for everyone to bond outside of the school setting. 

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A Day at the Discovery Museum 

April 2, 2018

During the WCSD spring break, 360 mentors and students were able to take learning outside the school setting and explore the Discovery Musuem.  Throughout their visit to the Discovery Museum, the students and mentors were able to explore other exhibits including: Inside out:-an Anatomy Experience, The Shop, and Truckee Connects, and enjoyed exploring various topics in an interactive experience. 


Even during spring break,  360 Blueprint mentors and students are always learning! 

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