Faith Based Organizations

Faith Based Organizations and Schools 

 The program accepts volunteers from every section of the community. The church has provided the largest "Reading and Relationship," volunteers for the community and school. Church volunteers are volunteering for no other reason than the "Reading and Relationship" portion of the program. They are not there to proselytize anyone, they are there to accomplish the initiatives of the 360 Blueprint program only. The division of the sacred from the secular has led to the cultural disintegration that we are now experiencing. It is clear that the spiritual and the social are always to be integrated if life is to be lived as planned. Yet implementing this in a nation that has established divisions between the sacred and the secular must be done in such a way that respects the institutional separation of church and state while also reflecting values through acts of service 

Current Serving Faith Based Organizations 

Living Stones 

St. Catherine Episcopal Church 

Sparks Christian Fellowship

Sparks Nazarene Church 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church