Mentor Stories 

The Stories Behind the Impact 

One on One 

Through Reading and Relationships, students and their mentors have creating long lasting bonds that extend beyond their mentoring sessions.  Students that have participated in 360 Blueprint, have not only grown academically but have also shown to grow outside the classroom. 

Effects on Students


Mentors have seen student confidence progress to be more communicative


Students reading levels have increased from below average to proficient within one program year


Mentors and mentees build a bond beyond the program

Creating a Lasting Success 

A Beautiful Sunrise 

“I think that being able to work with a child who at first has had challenges and then watch them grow is like being able to see a beautiful sunrise.”

 – Sonya P.


"My mentee such a bright young lady! She's so motivated and has such high energy! She is very driven student and doesn't give up even when she's struggling or frustrated, she always "gets right back in the ring"!

-Davina O.


"People tell us how lucky she is to have me come and work with her but I am the lucky one. I enjoy seeing the light bulb click and our friendship!"

-Laurie B.