Reading and Relationships

Program Initiative

360 Blueprint is a non-profit organization program that provides mentoring to at-risk youth in Washoe County Elementary Schools throughout the Reno/Sparks area. In collaboration with the WCSD, 360 Blueprint has gained the support and partnership of local community churches, the University of Nevada – Reno, businesses, and the Reno and Sparks Police Departments.The 360 Blueprint approach incorporates two components: Reading and Relationships, to help at-risk youth improve their literacy skills and avoid “the 4th grade slump” and as an additional support to the Nevada Department of Education "Read by Grade 3" (SB391) initiative. Our program understands that if our kids are not “Learning to Read,” then they will not be able to “Read to Learn" indicating  future learning problems. 

1. Reading 

The first component, Reading, is meant to target the transition into analytic reading during the 4th grade because students that are not reading at their appropriate reading level will fall behind academically. 

2. Relationships

The second component, Relationships, it is meant to help and support students in area outsides of the classroom. By combining both components of Reading and Relationships through mentoring, this will help students succeed academically and prevent negative behavioral problems