School Based Mentoring

Mentoring Sessions in the Schools 

The 360 Blueprint intiative has a comprehensive school-based mentoring program for public schools that builds relationships among mentors and students in the context of friendship, social development, and academic achievement. School-based mentoring  sessions take place on school grounds, an hour before school starts or an hour after school, once or twice a week following the Washoe County School District balanced school year calendar. The purpose of the program is to target students at risk of leaving school early or who are socially isolated or failing to achieve their potential.


The program's overall goal is to have at least 30 students per school at all times with the volunteer support of the Reno/Sparks community. 

The Process 


School counselor selects students between the 1st and 4th grade that will benefit on either an academic or social developement level. 


A student can be assigned either one or two mentors, who will meet with them either before or afterschool, once or twice a week. 


The emphasis of the mentoring process is primarily proactive as mentors work with at-risk students to build their academic and social development.